Our story is telling yours.

Capture candid moments with old-school digicams and disposables, all expertly edited for you in a retro film style.

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  • No Pesky Red Eyes

    Our professional retouching team will individually remove the pesky red eye ensuring your film is the highest quality possible. Enjoy seeing beloved faces the way they really were.

  • More Memories, Minimal Cost

    Hiring an additional photographer for those precious moments outside the wedding day can be costly. Our packages offer an affordable solution to capture every part of your wedding journey start to finish.

  • Capture A Side You Won't See

    Your wedding is a blur and chances are you won't and can't be everywhere. Enjoy seeing fun moments from your guests' perspective.

  • Hassle-Free Setup

    Simple to use for everyone. No extra settings or dials. Point, shoot, and snap away.

Why I Started Cheecam

At Cheecam, we understand the fleeting nature of your wedding journey, where many genuine candid moments are often forgotten or overlooked. Born from an entrepreneurship class, our complete service allows you to relive the joyous moments through the eyes of your guests, ensuring every nuance is beautifully preserved. We are excited to offer this unique solution for sharing laughter and cherished memories. Choose Cheecam for timeless candid moments.

Joshua Rathbun

Founder & CEO at Cheecam

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