⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Having Cheecam at our wedding allowed our guests to be the photographer and capture the most fun, candid photos of the night and they are memories I will truly remember forever!" - Ashley
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Luxe Edition

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Digital Film Only Package

✔ Cheecam Wedding Disposable Camera (Fujifilm 400 ISO film)

✔ High-Quality Film Development & Scanning 

✔ Professional Film Retouching + Red Eye Remover 

✔ Free Shipping + 1 Prepaid Return Shipping Label Included (Plus free shipping on your physical prints)

✔ Happily Ever After Guarantee

✔ PDF Table Sign Reminders + Photo Scavenger Cards (download only)

✔ Online Gallery + Digital Film Scans (full color + b&w) 

Digital & Physical Film Package

✔ Everything above PLUS

✔ 4x6" Physical Prints (full color luster finish + white border)

Preferred Arrival Date

Looking to document your big day on film?

The Luxe Edition is your go-to candid film camera for documenting candid moments from your loved ones.

☑️ Comes with a FREE shot list so you never run out of moments to capture
☑️ Hassle-free disposable cameras, easy to use for everyone
☑️ Film development & scanning included 
☑️ Split your package and document your entire wedding journey
☑️ Your film edited and retouched for you 
☑️ Digital scans & physical prints to share with friends and family
☑️ Beautifully organized in one digital gallery

Size Guide

6 Pack (up to 162 photos): Perfect for intimate gatherings. Suitable for 50-100 guests. (Enjoy each photo at just 0.65 cents per guest)

12 Pack (up to 324 photos): Great for mid-sized weddings. Best for 100-150 guests.
(Enjoy each photo at just 0.46 cents per guest)

24 Pack (up to 648 photos): Designed for grand celebrations. Ideal for 200+ guests.
(Enjoy each photo at just 0.30 cents per guest)

Shipping and Returns

Enjoy free shipping to and from your doorstep.

Simply use the complimentary pre-paid return label for easy returns after your event.

When can i expect my film back?

Our film turnaround, covering development, scanning, retouching, red-eye removal, and private gallery uploading, is typically 2-3 weeks upon receiving your cameras.

Please note these are estimations. We want to assure you that your satisfaction and the quality of your film are of the utmost importance to us.

Free Shipping: 2+ days before preferred arrival date

Luxe Edition
Luxe Edition
Luxe Edition
Luxe Edition
Luxe Edition
Luxe Edition
Luxe Edition
Luxe Edition
Luxe Edition
Luxe Edition

"I’m SO happy we used Cheecam and I wish everyone could understand just how incredible it is to receive these photos a bit after the wedding." - David

Cheecam's retro film cameras are simple, stylish, and perfect for every wedding event—from the big day to the bach or honeymoon. Document every smile and dance without the limitations of regular disposables.

Cheecam Film Cameras

Your moments are our priority

Choosing us over a DIY approach not only eliminates the risk and hassle—it enhances your peace of mind.

✅ Guaranteed timely delivery

✅ Expert best practices

✅ Industry-leading film development

✅ Professional retouching & red eye remover

Trust Cheecam to preserve your precious memories, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the joy of your wedding without worry.

How It Works

  • Select Your Package
  • Capture Your Wedding
  • Receive Your Film

Kind Words & Testimonials

"Can not say enough positive things about Cheecam! As someone who loves using disposable cameras they take all the work out of using them. They were an absolute hit at our wedding. The pictures turned out amazing and we got them back so quickly! If you are looking for a fun touch at your wedding to help capture all the in between moments cheecam is your answer!"


I’m SO happy we used Cheecam and I wish everyone could understand just how incredible it is to receive these photos a bit after the wedding.

- David

Your Moments, Our Priority →

  • More Memories, Minimal Cost

    Hiring an additional photographer for those precious moments outside the wedding day can be costly. Our packages offer an affordable solution to capture every part of your wedding journey start to finish.

  • More Than a Photobooth

    Don't confine your moments to just the same background. Experience the true atmosphere of your special day on 100% real film. Plus, no rental hourly limit – let the good times roll without any ticking clocks.

  • No Pesky Red Eye

    Our professional retouching team will individually remove the pesky red eye ensuring your film is the highest quality possible. Enjoy seeing beloved faces the way they really were.

  • Color + B&W Film

    All your film memories in both color and b&w digital formats for easy sharing and posting.

  • Easy to Share With Friends & Family

    Transform your moments into shareable memories with ease. Share your high-quality digital film effortlessly with friends and family, and enjoy a lifetime of access to your cherished gallery.

  • Your Cameras Recycled

    After your cameras are developed and scanned, we ensure the proper recycling of all disposable cameras.

Helping brides cherish their memories

100,000+ developed memories and counting

Your Top FAQs, Answered!

What is the "Digital & Physical Film"

This package combines the best of both worlds. Your wedding film moments delivered to you both digitally and physically. Easily share your photos online and keep them as keepsakes.

Can't I do this all on my own?

The short answer, yes.

Option 1: If you enjoy the DIY approach, you can purchase disposable cameras, capture candid moments at your event, and visit a film lab for development. Keep in mind that this requires your time, effort, and a trip to the lab, and, frankly, you will forget to do this all.. be real with yourself. Oh, and a film lab will not retouch the film and remove red eye and depending on the lab you go to, will hand your photos back via a CD.

Option 2: You pay a premium price for a premium service that saves you time and headache while ensuring top quality. Our full-service disposable camera package includes delivering the disposables, developing the film, retouching, removing red-eye, and providing you with both physical and digital memories. Save time and leave the entire process to us, ensuring professionally captured and preserved memories of your special moments.

The choice is yours.

How many exposures per camera?

Each camera has up to 27 exposure shots.

Your total amount of photos in your gallery will depend on if all of the photos are shot and if all of them are exposed properly.

Please remind your guests to use flash. We will not include film shots that were not exposed due to lack of flash.

Do you provide physical prints?

Yes! We are excited to offer 4x6" luster finish physical prints. See our packages page for full details.

*Prints will be in full color*

Can I share the online gallery with friends and family?

Yes, one of the advantages of our packages is the ability to share your online gallery with friends and family easy and fast.

How do I send my disposable cameras in for development?

Once your wedding is finished, simply collect the cameras and put them in the original box with the return label for shipping out at your nearest post office.

Film will be developed in state-of-the-art Colenta film processor.

How long does it take to receive my film?

Please allow for 2-3 weeks.

Film Development & Scanning: 5-8 business days

Film Retouching: 1-2 business days

Physical prints: 2-5 business days.

*Please note these are estimations, not a guarantee

What if I have to fly to my wedding?

Yes, you can fly and travel with your cheecams. However, please do not check them in your bag. Bring them with you through TSA and have an agent hand check them.

Also, please plan accordingly with your preferred arrival date to ensure you receive your package in time.

Does the film expire?

Film does have an expiration date, however all of our film lasts numerous of years.

What if I lose the return label?

Simply email us at support@cheecam.com and we will send you a new one.

Please note, we only provide 1 return label per order. IF you need extra return labels for multiple events, there will be a $20 charge

How do I know if the film roll is done?

Follow these rules:

  • IF the advance wheel clicks in, THEN there is film left. You can keep shooting.
  • IF the advance wheel keeps winding without clicking in, THEN the film roll is finished, you can stop.

    *Please do not rely solely on the film count number on top of the camera. To ensure you've shot all your film rolls, simply trust the film advance wheel. Stop and check the advance wheel before continuing.

What kind of film retouching do you do?

Your wedding film will be edited for contrast/exposure, red-eye and rotation, and will be exported as both color and b&w.

Our goal is to maintain the retro, film look that makes disposable film special.