Package Information

What is the difference between each package?

Explore Our Film Delivery Options:

  • Digital Scan Only: Receive your developed film as digital files via an online gallery. Easily access, view, share, and download your memories.
  • Digital Scan + Physical Print: Opt for this package to add physical prints (4x6" luster finish with a white border) to your digital files.
  • The Ultimate Package: For the complete experience, choose our "Digital Scan + Physical Print + Album Book" option. This includes everything above plus our exclusive "Incase We Forget" album book, designed for a fun and interactive way to store and enjoy your physical prints.

Do I need to provide my own film or battery?

No, our team carefully inspects and pre-loads each camera with Fujifilm ISO 400 - 36 exposure film and a fresh battery, ensuring everything is ready for use right when it arrives.

Can we split the cameras for multiple events?

Yes, you can certainly use the cameras for multiple events during your rental period. However, keep in mind that once the film in a camera is used up, it cannot be reused. We recommend ordering a larger quantity if you plan to split the cameras between different events to ensure you have enough for all occasions

What is special about the album books?

Our album books are a perfect match for our physical print package. Featuring a classic linen cover and 300 sleeves for 4x6" prints, each book includes prompts for personal notes, turning your photos into a beautifully curated collection of memories

Do you provide instructions and guides?

Yes, each package comes with the necessary instruction guides and links to tutorial videos for you to view and share.

Do you offer b&w film?

Yes, we provide both color and b&w digital film scans.

Please note: all physical film prints are in color

How many photos will I receive?

The number of photos you receive depends on the package you choose and how extensively the cameras are used at your event.

In an ideal scenario, each camera in our 6-pack can shoot 36 photos, totaling 216 photos, and a 12-pack can shoot up to 432 photos. However, the actual number might vary if not all film is used

How to order

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Pay Pal, American Express, Discover, Diners Club as well as Google Pay, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, and Meta Pay

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer a few payment options to make it as convenient for you.

1. Pay 100%

2. Split pay (50/50)

3. Buy Now, Pay Later (Shop Pay, After Pay)

How soon should I order?

It's ultimately up to you and your preferences, but we recommend ordering your package as soon as possible to ensure availability for your wedding day.

Please note: placing an order week of wedding might result in late delivery and/or cancellation.

How long is the rental?

Our standard rental period is five days. For example, if your wedding is on a Saturday, you would have the cameras from Thursday to Monday. We understand that weddings can be complex and circumstances like travel and honeymoons may extend this period. While we recommend returning the cameras no later than 72 hours after your event, we offer flexibility for special circumstances. Please contact us for accommodations.

Can I order if my wedding is next year?

Yes, you may order at any point even if your wedding is next year.

Simply place your order, choose your event dates, and we will safely hold onto your order until your date gets closer.

Shipping Details

Where do you ship to?

As of right now, we ship nationwide in the United States.

If you have an international destination wedding, we request ordering within the USA and traveling with your disposable cameras to your destination.

When do I receive my package?

Your cameras arrive 3 - 7 days prior to your event start date, depending on inventory.

Please ensure the accuracy of your start date to prevent any complications.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping on all packages.

We offer free shipping for the following:

  • Initial package sent out
  • Return label for the package (1 per order, extra available for additional fee)
  • Shipping prints (if chosen as part of the order)

Can I change the shipping address

Yes, please contact us as soon as possible so we can change the delivery address.

What if my package is late?

In the event of unforeseen delays, we are committed to ensuring your order reaches you on time.

If there is a significant delay, we will dispatch another package to you promptly. However, we kindly request that you ship back the additional package to us once both are received.

How do I send my disposable cameras in for development?

Once your wedding day is finished, simply place the disposables back into the package and put the return label on. Bring it to your nearby post office to drop off.

Please include all cameras when you return.

What if I lose the return label?

Contact our support team ( and we will send you a new one.

Please be advised that Cheecam is not responsible for providing a physical return label, and the customer must print the provided label.

What do we do with the box?

Please keep the box and save for when you are ready to return the disposables for development.

What If I want an additional label?

We offer free shipping for the following: initial package sent out, 1 return label to film lab, and physical prints (if part of order)

Any additional shipping labels requested outside of these inclusions, such as splitting the package between multiple events and sending some cameras in first, will incur a shipping charge. Please contact us for details on additional shipping costs.

Day of Wedding

Should we use flash?

Yes, always use flash. Our cameras feature an automatic flash switch that triggers automatically, reducing the risk of underexposed images.

Flip the switch towards the lens to turn on, red light will appear.

Should we designate a helper?

We highly recommend designating a helper to distribute and collect the disposable cameras during your wedding day. This can be a family member, friend, or wedding coordinator. Having a designated helper will ensure that your guests know where to find the cameras and that they are returned to a safe location after the wedding.

What are some best practices to get the best photos?

Here are some great practices to follow:

  • Use the flash to capture clear photos in low light settings
  • Avoid covering the lens with your finger or other objects
  • Stand 4-10 feet away from your subject to get a clear shot
  • Use Cheecam prompt cards to capture fun and unique photos
  • Hand the disposable camera to guests who have experience taking photos at events

What if we lose a camera?

We know accidents can happen, and cameras may get misplaced or lost. We suggest assigning a helper to monitor the cameras during the event. If a camera is lost, please keep all cameras together until the missing one is recovered before returning them

How do we know when the film is finished?

You'll know the film is finished when the camera stops advancing after a shot—you may click the shutter, but it won't take a photo. Additionally, our cameras feature a counter that reaches its maximum, indicating that all exposures have been used.

What do we do after the wedding?

Collect all the disposable cameras and place them in the original box to prepare for the development. Use return label and packaging tape which is included.

Please return all cameras together before shipping out to us.

I go on my honeymoon and can't bring the package to the post office. What should I do?

If you can't go to the post office to return the cameras, we recommend delegating someone to do it for you, like a family member or a friend.

Please ensure your package is shipped out on your due date to prevent any late fees.

Film Development

When should I expect my film back?

Our film turnaround, covering development, scanning, retouching, red-eye removal, and private gallery uploading, is typically 2-3 weeks upon receiving your cameras. Additionally, please expect an additional 3-5 days if you ordered physical prints.

Please note these are estimations and do not include shipping transit.

How can I view and download my film?

Once your film is developed, we will upload all your film to an online gallery and send it to you. Once you receive it, you can easily access the photos to view and download the film directly from the gallery.

Do I need to find my own film lab?

You don't need to find your own film lab as we offer packages that include film development services. We take care of everything for you, from providing the disposable cameras to developing the film and delivering the photos to you

How can I share my film?

We make it easy for you to share your wedding memories with friends and family! With our packages, you'll get an online gallery link that you can share with anyone. And for added convenience, some of our packages include a QR code link that allows your guests to opt-in to receive the photos right away - we'll take care of sending them the photos directly!

What kind of retouching do you do?

Our retouching process is an integral part at Cheecam. After the meticulous development and scanning phase, our skilled team swiftly engages in retouching and red-eye removal.

We approach retouching with an artistic eye, ensuring each frame is refined to perfection while preserving the authentic essence of film.

Do you remove red eye?

Yes, as part of our retouching process, we eliminate red eye from each film frame.

When will I receive physical prints?

Once your digital film gallery is sent out, our film lab will begin the printing process. Please allow for 3-5 business days for printing, not including transit time. Also, make sure to update us if your shipping address changes in the meantime.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Send us an email to tell us what's up and someone from our Customer Service team will get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to include your order number (if you have one).

Please email us at