"I like the fact that it still mimics film to give the vintage vibe." -Ricki

Cheecam Digicam Package

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Need more candid moments?

The Digicam Package is your new wedding capture companion, ensuring every angle and moment is beautifully preserved

☑️ Unlimited photo & video capturing
☑️ Professional editing & retouching 
☑️ Memories preserved in a retro film look
☑️ Beautifully organized in one digital gallery

Save over 50% and tons of time and money with our digicam rentals.

Rental Duration

Select a rental duration of either 5 or 10 days.

Your rental period begins on the chosen 'delivery date' and concludes 5 or 10 days after, respectively.

Kindly ensure your package is returned within 48 hours following the end of your rental period

Shipping Information

Your package will ship and arrive 1 day before your rental period begins.

Ships USA only

Damage Protection

Add Damage Protection to your order to guard you from accidental damages.

Covers accidental damage to our equipment as long as you can return it to us. Does not include theft or loss.

Cheecam Digicam Package
Cheecam Digicam Package
Cheecam Digicam Package
Cheecam Digicam Package
Cheecam Digicam Package
Cheecam Digicam Package
Cheecam Digicam Package
Cheecam Digicam Package
Cheecam Digicam Package
Cheecam Digicam Package
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  • 100% Satisfaction

  • As low as $31/mo

  • No Hourly Fees

Our Incredibly Simple Process

  • Reserve Your Date

    Choose your rental length (5 or 10 days) and package type. We will ship your package directly to your doorstep before the start of your rental.

  • Capture Your Wedding Experience

    Capture every event—bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings, rehearsals, to honeymoons. Hand your digicams to family and friends to record special moments through their eyes.

  • We Edit Your Memories

    Return the digital cameras after your wedding, and we will edit, retouch, and deliver your moments through an online gallery in both color and b&w.

Why Choose Us? Discover the Difference

  • Save BIG with our rentals

    Avoid extra coverage fees with our all-inclusive service. Why pay hourly rates or invest in new cameras without the service? Save more, enjoy more, and leave the editing to us!

  • Capture BOTH photo & video

    Allow your guests to be your eyes where you can't be. Hand your digicams out to friends and family and let them document your day through their eyes with stunning photos or perhaps record special messages or moments through video.

  • Service above and beyond

    Our commitment to you shines through every photo. We treat each photo with care, editing it with a retro film look.

Kind Words & Testimonials

YAY! Omg my Maid of Honors are going to be sooooo excited - they are digicam QUEENS! This is amazing! :)

"The unlimited photos and the editing aspect. Makes things so much easier than film even though I absolutely love the look of film. This feels like the best of both worlds."

Your Top FAQs, Answered!

Is there a limit to the number of photos we can take?

No! With our digital cameras, you can relax knowing your guests can capture unlimited photos of your special day.

Our SD cards have the capacity to literally take 9000+ photos.

Does it shoot video?

Yes, our digicams can capture your special day through both photos and video. Plus we include extra batteries to ensure no moment is lost.

How does the return process work?

Once your wedding is finished, simply collect the cameras and put them in the original box with the return label for shipping out at your nearest post office.

Our team will individually edit and retouch your memories.

When will I receive my photos?

Your photos will be fully edited and retouched within 10-14 business days of receiving your package.

Can't I buy my own cameras?

We were expecting this question. Easy answer, yes, but consider this: DIY WILL BE costly and time-consuming.

Our full service starts at just $350, covering both rental and service. Buying the same two digital cameras would cost over $700, not including any service.

Plus, who wants to edit all those photos and videos? Trust us, you'll want to relax on the beach, not be stuck editing. Let us handle the details, so you can enjoy your special moments

What kind of photo retouching do you do?

Your photos will be edited in a film retro look while also removing red-eye in each photo.

Will my camera die?

Every camera is charged to last the entire day. We understand that some weddings might use the cameras more than just the wedding day, so we are pleased to offer 2 extra batteries per camera plus the charger in case you need it.

When do I need to return the cameras?

We ask that you return the cameras to the specified postal courier within 48 hours of your event.

Do you remove any photos?

No! You will receive every photo that is captured at your event. The only time we might remove photos is blank shots.

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